India Sea Carrier Manifest and Transshipment Regulations

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be informed that Indian government has implemented a new regulation called Sea carrier manifest and transshipment (SCMT) regulations with effective date on 01st Aug, 2019.

According to the new regulation, arrival manifest for Indian import, FROB (passing through India) and Transshipment cargo via India port should be submitted to India customs by carrier before vessel sails from the last foreign port to India.

Besides, following items should be provided by shipper to carrier for preparing B/L and declaring same to India customs.

● Scope: All import shipments into India

 Underneath is the mandatory items:

1. HS code (6 digits) 
2. Permanent Account Number (PAN) of Consignee/Notify party (10 digits code)
3. Import Export Code (IEC) of importer (10 digits code)
4. GST Identification Number (GSTIN) of importer
5. Email ID of importer
6. Invoice Value (Cargo value with 3 digit alphabetical currency code)

- Except for Invoice value, other information should be printed on Bill of lading.

There will be a grace period (90 days) for the transition, failure to comply with the new rules may result in customs penalty at destination on 01st Nov, 2019.

We highly appreciate your attention to this important issue and assistance in providing the requested information on your shipping instruction before documentation cut-off time set up by Yang Ming local office.

We will keep you informed if there are any updates on the new regulations.Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Sincerely yours,